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1 Introduction

Haskell Mode is a major mode providing a convenient environment for editing Haskell programs.

Some of its major features are:

The name Haskell Mode refers to the whole collection of modules in this package. There is specifically a file haskell-mode.el which defines a major mode called haskell-mode. Generally, in this documentation they will be distinguished by normal font and title case (Haskell Mode) and code font (haskell-mode).

1.1 History

haskell-mode has a long history. It goes all the way back to 1992. Since then, it has received many contributions in many forms. Some design choices that remain in haskell-mode today are historical. Some modules are outdated or no longer used, or are used by a few people.

Historically there hasn’t been a single individual or set of individuals directing the package’s architecture for a long period of time, rather, patches and new modules were accepted in liberally and we are left with a box full of interesting toys that may or may not work.

As of 2016 Haskell Mode is coordinated using Github at