Excellent Haskell programming experience

Haskell Mode loves contributors and we strive to go extra length to help out both newcomers and serial backers. "When I started contributing to haskell-mode I had 0 experience in Elisp, but it was super easy to learn it", says geraldus, Come and join the community.


Haskell Mode just works and after installation there is no need to mess with configuration. Although if you want there are some knobs to turn left or right. For more information see our documentation that describes how to install and get started with Haskell Mode.


Haskell Mode has extensive documentation that describes all the provided functionality. There is plenty to discover in day to day interaction with Haskell source code. Start with basic functionality and gradually proceed to more advanced tools.



Over 15 years in development with recorded history starting in 2001, vibrant community with over 130 contributors producing 10 commits per week on average, 25 thousand lines of Emacs Lisp code. Regular monthly updates about community activity. An active IRC channel with over 50 members. Come and join us in our efforts!